Benefit Information

The information provided on this page is related to Social Security Benefits and Allowances administered by the Department of Social Security in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.).
This page provides general guidance only and should not be treated as a complete and authoritative statement of the law. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct at the date shown.  The information is presented in gender inclusive language.  However, reference to a particular gender is used where it is, or is felt to be, more appropriate.​

Age Pension / Disability Assistance​
Age Pension - MT​ - EN​
​Carers Allowance/Increased Carers Allowance - MT​ - EN
Disability/Visual Impairment Assistance - MT​ - EN​
Appeal against a Decision by the Department of Social Security
Appeal against a Decision by the Department of Soc​ial Security - MT​ - EN

​Child Benefits​

​Child in Care Benefit​ - Foster Care Service - MT​ - EN
​Child in Care Benefit - Residential Service - MT - EN
​Children’s ​Allowance​​ (Household Income less than threshold) - MT​ -  EN  
​​Children’s ​Allowance​​ (Household Income exceeds threshold)​ - ​MT​ -  EN​
Disabled Child Allowance - MT ​EN​​ 
​Maternity and Adoption Benefits​​ - MT- EN​
​Maternity and Adoption Leave Benefits​ - MT - EN​​​
​Student's Allowance - MT - EN​

​Contributory Pensions

Invalidity Pension - MT​ - EN​​ 
​Retirement Grant for Non-Pensioners - MT​ - EN​​​
​Retirement Pension - MT​ - EN ​​
​Senior Citizen Grant - MT​ ​E​N​ 
Widow/er's Pension - MT​ - EN​​ 

​In-Work Benefit

​​In-Work Benefit - MT​ - EN​

​Maternity Leave Trust Fund Claim​

Maternity Leave Trust Fund Claim​ - MT​​​ - EN

​Medical Assistance​​

​Leprosy Assistance - MT​ - EN
​Milk Grant - MT - EN​
​Sickness Assistance -  MT​ - EN
​Tuberculosis Assistance - MT​ - EN​

​Orphan's Allowance 

​Orphan's Allowance - MT - EN
​Orphan's Supplementary Allowance - MT - EN​​

​Social Assistance and Unemployment Assistance​

​Drug Addict Assistance - MT​ - EN​
​Single Unmarried Parent Allowance - MT ​- EN ​
​Social Assistance - MT​ - EN​
​Special Unemployment Benefit - MT​ - EN​
​Unemployment Assistance - MT​ - EN​

​Supplementary Allowance

​Supplementary Allowance - MT​ - EN​

​Short-Ter​m Benefits​​

Energy Benefit​​ - MT​ - EN
​Injury Benefit - MT​ - EN​
​Marriage Grant - MT​ - EN​
​Sickness Benefit - MT​ - EN​
​Unemployment Benefit - MT​​ - EN

​Tapering of Benefits​

​Tapering of Benefits (Employed Person) - MT - EN
​Tapering of Benefits (Head of Household - Spouse's Employment) - MT - EN
​Tapering of Benefits (Married/Civil Union/Cohabiting) - MT - EN
​Tapering of Benefits (Self-Occupied Person) - MT​ - EN​
Tapering of Benefits (Single Parent) - MT​ - EN


Pink Form - MT - EN​