Children's Allowance (income exceeds €24,833)Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this Allowance have an income limit?
No, there is no income limit attached to this Allowance.  Parents who have the care and custody of their child/ren are entitled to this Allowance as long as their child/ren are under sixteen years of age.
2. How is the Children’s Allowance rate calculated?
Households whose annual reckonable income exceeds the €24,833​​​ threshold are entitled to a fixed rate of €8.66 Children’s Allowance equivalent to €450 per year for each child.
3. What happens when the applicant becomes unemployed or there is a change in his/her circumstances?
The applicant has the responsibility to inform the Department of Social Security of any change in his circumstances.  This includes termination of employment, commencement of separation procedures, acquires or loses custody of children, or avails himself/herself of unpaid leave, becomes a widow / widower, marries or starts living with a partner.  The applicant must make sure that this information has been received by the Department within six months from date of commencement of change of circumstance so as not to forfeit all or part of the benefit due.
4. Are disabled children entitled to Children’s Allowance?
Irrespective of the family income disabled children are entitled to Children’s Allowance and also to a Disabled Child Allowance.  A claimant has to submit an application in order to become eligible for Disabled Child Allowance.  This application can be obtained from your local District Office of the Department of Social Security or downloaded by clicking here.  The application has to be certified by a medical practitioner.  The Department will then refer the application to a medical panel, which establishes if the child is eligible to the Disabled Child Allowance or not.  In both cases the claimant is informed of the decision.  Disabled Child Allowance is not subject to a means test.  To this end, there is no need to submit an income declaration to receive this allowance.  The Disabled Child Allowance rate is €20.00 per week per child.