Children's Allowance (Income less than €24,833



Parents having the care and custody of their children may be entitled to Children’s Allowance


A parent may be eligible for Children’s Allowance if the following criteria are fulfilled:
1. Applicant should be a resident of Malta for at least three months before date of application;
2. One of the parents should be a Maltese citizen, has a refugee status or be a citizen of an EU Member State or is a citizen of a member country of the European Social Charter, and has the care and custody of child;
3. The total reckonable income for the year indicated on application shall not exceed €24,833. The amount paid in respect of social security contributions is to be deducted from the income declared.


Children’s Allowance is paid every 13 weeks starting from January and ending in December. It is calculated on the gross income which has been earned during the year indicated on application. The amount of Social Security contributions paid is deducted from the gross income. The Department of Social Security makes the necessary investigations to establish the income earned from other sources, which need not be included on the application form.
​​​Children’s Allowance will be paid in advance, every thirteen weeks for fifty two weeks.

Documents Required

1.  Application filled and signed by both parents where applicable.
2.  FS3s of year as indicated in application of all employments (full or / & part time) of both parents.
3.  The profit and loss account in case of self employed parents.
4.  The Financial Audited Accounts (yearly) and Memorandum & Articles of Association in case where one of the parents is a Director / Shareholder of a company.
5.  NI Contributions receipts of the year indicated in the application.
6.  In case of Single Parents care & custody & maintenance documentation (known father).
7.  In case of seperation / a court decree stating the care & custody & maintenance for the child must be presented.
8.  Where a seperation is still in process, a legal doc stating the care & custody & maintenance signed by both parents.  This applies for cases of other types of family units.
9.  In case of both parents or one of the parents who has resided abroad for more than 3 months a document stating whether there was an entitlement for CA from abroad and up to when must be produced.
Boarding passes or documentation showing date of arrival must also be produced.  Parents who are not EU or European Social Charter Members need to provide either a Refugee Status Certificate or Long Term Residential Permit.
10.  In case where a child is born abroad birth certificate is to be produced.

Payment Method

The Department of Social Security informs the applicant about the outcome of the claim. Once awarded, Children’s Allowance is deposited into a bank account specified by the applicant.

Payment Dates

To check when is your next payment please visit this page by clicking here.

How to apply?

In most cases there is no need to apply for the Children's Allowance benefit as this is issued automatically. However, in a few particular situations this may not be the case. In these instances the applicant may call at any Social Security Office (view list here) and apply there.
Alternatively, you can download a copy of the form by visiting our Application Form page.
Once you complete the application and you have all the required documents, you can send it by post to:
Department of Social Security 
Children's Allowance Section
38, Ordinance Street
Valletta VLT 2000

Alternatively, you can also drop it off at your nearest Social Security Office.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​