Foster Care Allowance (FCA) or Child-in-Care Benefit


This allowance is given to those families providing authorized foster care to children.


  • Any family, married couple and single individuals (in particular cases only), irrespective of their age, class, race and religion, can become foster carers after undergoing training, followed by an assessment and approval by the Fostering and Adoption Panel.

Documents Required

  • The application for Child in Care benefit is to be filled and signed by both parents where applicable.
  • Application must be signed and rubber-stamped Agenzija APPOGG.
  • A copy of the decision letter issued by the Forstering Board.


Payments for this benefit are issued during the months of December, March, June and September. Should you wish to know the precise day the payment will be issued, please refer to our Payment Dates section by clicking here. Alternatively, the benefit rates payable can be viewed by clicking here.
Foster Care Allowance payments are deposited directly into a beneficiary’s bank account unless the applicant is in receipt of Social and Unemployment Assistance, Age Pension or has an outstanding garnishee order. In the case of a garnishee order, the claimant must produce a legal document stating the details of the garnishee orders. Claimants in receipt of Social and Unemployment Assistance wishing to have their Foster Care Allowance payments deposited directly into their bank account may also present a document with their request which will be reviewed individually.
Payments for Foster Care Allowance are made every 13 weeks and the payment covers the upcoming 13 weeks in advance.

How to Apply

The Application must be submitted to the Department of Social Security, signed by both fosterers where applicable and endorsed and rubber-stamped by APPOGG. A copy of the decision letter issued by the Fostering Board is to be submitted with the application. Application should be submitted within six months as stipulated by law.  The whole allowance, or part of it may be forfeited if the application is received late. No documents in relation to income have to be submitted since there is NO INCOME TEST related to this allowance.
The applicant may call at any Social Security Office (view list here) and apply there.
Alternatively, one may download a copy of the form by visiting our Application Form page.