Maternity Benefit


Any pregnant woman who fulfills the criteria set out by the Social Security Act can apply for this benefit.
Applicants employed as casual or part-time can opt to apply for this benefit but must submit a declaration from employer that they are not availing themselves of any paid maternity. The declaration form must include the exact dates during which the maternity leave will be taken.
In case of applicants employed as teachers, those paid for summer holidays are paid this benefit but still need to produce a letter from their Human Resources office stating the period during which the applicant was on Maternity Leave during the summer period.


  •  The applicant should be a citizen of Malta or married to a citizen of Malta, or is a citizen of a European Union Member State, or a citizen of a member country of the European Social Charter, or has a refugee status and ordinarily resides in Malta or Gozo.
  • The applicant has to be in her eight month of pregnancy or has given birth to a child in the six months prior to the date of the claim.
  • The applicant must not have availed herself of paid maternity leave.

 Documents Required

  •  Application form filled in and signed by the applicant.
  • Application signed by the medical practitioner confirming that the claimant has entered the eighth month of pregnancy and indicating the expectancy date. If applicant applies after birth of baby, the section to be filled by medical practitioner is not required.


The first payment for this benefit is issued 8 weeks before the expectancy dates or as soon as the application is worked out. The second payment is issued 6 weeks after birth. In the cases where the application is submitted after the birth of the child, only one collective payment is made. Maternity Benefit may be applied for after the birth of baby and payment will be issued for the 14 weeks in full.  Those who apply in the 8th month will receive Maternity Benefit into 2 split payments, 1st payment covering 8 weeks, the 2nd payment covering the last 6 weeks. By applying after the birth of baby, Section by medical practitioner may be left unfilled thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.
The benefit rates payable can be viewed by clicking here.
Maternity benefit payments are deposited directly into a beneficiary’s bank account unless the applicant is in receipt of Social and Unemployment Assistance, Age Pension or has an outstanding garnishee order. In the case of a garnishee order, the claimant must produce a legal document stating the details of the garnishee order. Claimants in receipt of Social and Unemployment Assistance wishing to have their Maternity Benefit payments deposited directly into their bank account may also present a document with their request which will be reviewed individually.
Self occupied persons may apply for this benefit and are paid at minimum weekly wage rate.
Employed persons who do not get paid for MB by their employers may apply for MB but are paid at a fixed rate which is not related to their salary.

How to Apply

Applicants that wish to receive the benefit must complete an application form before the child is born.  The application is to be signed by a medical practitioner confirming that the claimant has entered her eight month of pregnancy and indicating the expectancy date. Claims made after the birth of the baby do not require the submission of a birth certificate and must apply within 6 months of the birth of the baby.
The applicant may call at any Social Security Office (view list here) and apply there.
Alternatively, one may download a copy of the form by visiting our  Application Form  page.