Maternity Leave Trust Claim



All female employees are eligible for 14 weeks of paid maternity leave from their employer. In order to help mitigate against gender discrimination when private sector employers select their candidates, the Government will be refunding employers for the 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. This means that whilst employers will initially be paying their employees for the maternity leave period, they will then be able to claim back funds.


Employers wishing to claim back funds equivalent to a maximum of 14 weeks of paid maternity leave will be able to do so through an online form (Eform) available on the Department of Social Security's website. Employers submitting such a claim must ensure that their contributions to the Maternity Leave Trust are being paid.


Employers are to fill in an online form (Eform) available on the Department of Social Security's website along with all the required documentation substantiating their claim.

Documents Required

  1. Copy of the 3 Contributions receipts issued by IRD. One receipt from the last quarter before employee availed herself of paid maternity leave, one receipt from previous quarter and a final receipt for the first quarter of the pregnancy.
  2. Copy of pay slips for wage/salary paid during maternity leave.
  3. Copy of the FS3 for previous year.
  4. Jobsplus list of employees.

Payment Method 

The Department of Social Security informs the applicant about the outcome of the claim.  Once awarded, funds will be deposited into the employer's bank account.

Payment Dates

To check when is your next payment please visit this page by clicking here.


How to apply?

You can apply online by visiting the Eforms page.

Alternatively, you may apply at one of the Social Security Department's District Offices around Malta and Gozo.