Free Medical Aid (Pink Form/Karta Roża)


 Patients suffering from chronic conditions fall under Schedule V (Yellow Card), whilst those with limited means generally pertain to the Schedule II (Free Medical Aid or as commonly know the Pink Form). Pink Form holders are entitled to a limited number of medicinal products which are specifically marked as pink card positive on the Government Formulary List and other ancillary services (dental services, ophthalmic services, telecare and telephone rebate and handyman service).


 Maltese persons, EU nationals, Third Country Nationals and refugees residing in Malta are entitled to Free Medical Aid (Pink Form / Karta Roża), given they fulfill the means and capital resources test.  Diabetic patients who were automatically entilted to FMA before the legislative changes of March 2012and who up to 27 March 2012 opted to retain this right, will continue to benefit from the established entitlement under the old regime.  All persons in receipt of Social Assistance and related non-contribotury benefits are automatically entitled to the Pink Form.


 Persons wishing to apply for the Pink Form may do so by visiting one of the local Social Security District Office.  No formal application form is required.

 Documents Required

 It is important that the relevant documentation is submitted before, which may include statements concerning bank accounts, investments, bonds, foreign and service pension slips etc., estimate value of vacant property or rent from that property and any other income derived from pension or employment, and estimated market value for the second and subsequent vehicles.

 Back office process

 A financial investigation is carried out to establish whether the person (Head of Household) is entitled to the Pink Form. Once it is established that the head of household qualifies for Free Medical Aid, the Pink Form is issued.  Members of the Head of Household are listed on the same Pink Form but each is issued with a Pink Card (DH 128) of his or her own. 

 How to apply

 You can call at any Social Security Office (view list here) and apply there.