Social Assistance for Carer's-Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is entitled for Social Assistance for Carers?
To be entitled for this benefit, claimant must either be single or a widow (male or female), who are taking care of a sick relative by themselves on a full time basis. Relatives must be
the parents, grand-parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, brothers or sisters’ in-laws and father/mother in laws. Claimants and patients are to give proof that they are residing in the same residence.
2.  How to apply for Social Assistance for Carers?
Applications are available at District Offices and can also be downloaded from the website.  After the application is duly filled it is to be submitted to the District Office together with the required documents.
3.  Which documents might be requested?
  • Photocopy of claimants’ ID card, and all ID numbers of all members living under the same roof
  • Recent rent receipt, giving landlord’s details
  • Information regarding bank accounts, investments, stocks, bonds etc. of all members forming part of claimants’ household, excluding those of employed members over 18 years of age
  • Payslips of all members of the same household employed on a part-time basis
  • Estimate of vacant property or rents received from such property
  • Finalized separation contract and if such is not available, then an official document from lawyer stating claimants’ legal situation is to be produced.
4.  Is the Social Assistance for Carers means tested?
Yes, Social Assistance is Means Tested and before awarding the benefit a Capital Test and a Weekly Means Test are carried out.
5.  What are the capital assets that are taken into consideration?
  • Financial resources both deposits and cash in hand (bonds, stocks etc.)
  • Half bank deposits in children’s name who are unemployed
  • Unoccupied properties/land for development
  • More than one/two vehicles depending on the case
  • Agricultural land
  • Income derived from sale of property or other valuables.
6.  What are those weekly means that are taken into consideration?
  • Interests/dividends
  • Bank accounts in claimant’s name
  • Rents
  • Any other income derived

7.  Are the applicants examined medically?
Yes, the patient for whom applicants are claiming SA Carers are medically examined by the Medical Board of the Department of Social Security. Other members of the household may also be requested to attend for the Medical Board.

 8.  What are the Social Assistance for Carers rates?
A maximum rate of assistance payable (every four weeks in advance) is 75% of the Social Assistance rate plus bonuses. (Rates vary each year).