Social Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who qualifies for Social Assistance (SA)?
  • Head of household (H/H) who is not fit for employment due to sickness, physical or mental illness; or persons who according to Jobsplus cannot be employed
  • Single persons (SA) who are over 18 years of age.
2.  How to apply for Social Assistance?
Applications are available at District Offices and can also be downloaded from the website.  After the application is duly filled in, it is to be submitted to the District Office together with the required documents.
3.  Which documents might be requested?
  • Photocopy of claimants’ ID card, and all ID numbers of all members living under the same roof
  • Recent rent receipt, giving landlord’s details
  • Information regarding bank accounts, investments, stocks, bonds etc. of all members forming part of claimants’ household, excluding those of employed members over 18 years of age
  • Payslips of all members of the same household employed on a part-time basis
  • Estimate of vacant property or rents received from such property
  • Driving licence of claimant and wife/partner. If more than two vehicles are held, an estimate market value of each vehicle plus log books are requested
  • Farmers Registration Card (FRC)
  • Finalized separation contract and if such is not available, then an official document from lawyer stating claimants’ legal situation is to be produced
  • Medical certificate (PA 132)
4.  Is the Social Assistance means tested?
Yes, Social Assistance is means tested and before awarding the benefit a capital test and a weekly means test are carried out.  A household consisting of one family member or a number of persons who’s head of household is either an unmarried person; separated person; single parent are not to exceed €14,000.  Head of household consisting of at least the head of the household and partner/wife are not to exceed €23,300.
5.  What are the capital assets that are taken into consideration?
  • Financial resources both deposits and cash in hand (bonds, stocks etc.)
  • Unoccupied properties/land for development
  • More than one/two vehicles depending on the case
  • Agricultural land
  • Income derived from sale of property or other valuables.
6.  What are the weekly means taken into consideration?
  • Interests/dividends
  • Bank accounts in claimant’s name
  • Rents
  • Any other income derived.
7.  What are the Social Assistance rates?
  • SA at 100 % is awarded to the head of household who is paying rent or owning their house of residence
  • A €8.15 increase is awarded for each additional member
  • SA at 75 % is awarded to single parents (SUP) who are living with another person (excluding boyfriend)
  • 75 % of SA is also granted to separated persons who have no children living with them and are living with another person (excluding partners)
  • A €6.13 increase is awarded for each additional member.
It is of utmost importance that persons giving hospitality to claimants are bound to fill up the corraboration part found in the Social Assistance Application. They are legally bound to report all changes as regards claimants in respect of Social Security Benefits.