Social Assistance for Single Parents-Frequently Asked Questions

​1. Who can apply for Social Assistance for Single Parents?

Single unmarried persons, male or female that are taking care of a child or children can apply for this Assistance.

2.  How to apply for this Assistance?

Single unmarried parents can apply for this Assistance in the Social Security Area Offices. A person applying for the Assistance who gave birth to a baby and the child’s father is known, should seek for maintenance on behalf of her child or children. Every parent that is either working or registering for work should maintain his or her child.

3.  If living with another family, would a single parent still be entitled to Social Assistance?

If the single parent is unmarried, and together with his/her child or children reside with another family, the entitlement is 75% of the rates given above excluding the allowance for rent.

4.  How are the Capital Resources calculated?

The Capital Resources must not exceed the amount of €14,000. Capital on children’s name is also considered as the maintenance mentioned above that is 0.157 of the whole amount. Once the total income from resources is established the first €95 are ignored and the remaining amount is calculated weekly and deducted from the Social Assistance rate entitlement.

5.  If a single parent decides to work, would his/her entitlement of Social Assistance automatically stop?

Single unmarried parents may engage in full or part time employment and may benefit from the Tapering of Benefits Scheme as explained in more detail under the heading Tapering of Benefits found in the same section.