Unemployment Assistance-Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who can apply for Unemployment Assistance?
Persons who are registering for work with Jobs Plus under Part I and are 23 years of age and over can apply for this assistance.  Persons under the age of 23 and not engaged in a gainful occupation or participating in study programmes are to apply for the Youth Guarantee Scheme employed by the Ministry of Education and Employment.
2.  How to apply for this Assistance?
Persons who are Head of House Hold, single and living on their own or residing with third person can go to the nearest Social Security Area Office and fill the requested application.
3.  Everyone can receive this assistance?
No, this assistance is means tested.
4.  How is the Income Test calculated?
In the case of the income test, all income of the head of household and his/her partner is taken into consideration.  Once the total income of the household is established, the first €95 is ignored. The remaining balance is then compared with the applicable scale rates.
5.  How are the Capital Resources calculated?
The Capital Resources must not exceed €14,000 in the case of a single person, and €23,300 in the case of a household of two or more persons. When calculating the capital assessment certain property, namely, the house of residence, a private car, a garage for private use, and a summer residence are excluded. Moreover, any immovable property, which is being put to profitable use, for example property, which is rented to third parties, is not capitalized, but only the income is considered. Once the amount of capital resources of unused property is established, and this still does not exceed €14,000 or €23,300 as the case may be, the first €585 is ignored. The remaining balance is converted to an annual income at 5.5% per annum.