Benefit Information related to Bilateral Agreements

The infor​mation provided​ is related to Social Security Reciprocal Agreements​ that help co-ordinate the social security systems of the respective contracting countries.  The primary aim is to help people move from one country to another, obtaining benefits due and also in some cases regulating the payment of social security contributions.

Contributory Pensions

Malta - Australia​
​Invalidity Pension - M​​TEN ​
​​Retirement Pension - MTEN
Widow/er's Pension - MT - EN​

Malta - Canada​​​

Invalidity Pension - MTEN
Retirement Pension - MTEN
Widow/er's Pension - MTEN

Malta - New Zealand​

Retirement Pension - MTEN
​Widow/er's Pension - MT​E​N​​
EU Social Security Coordination
​Certification of Insurance/Employment Periods in another EU Country (Form U1)​ - MT​ - EN​
​Entitlement to Remain Insured in Malta (Form A1) - MT​ - EN ​