Milk Grant Benefit-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
1.  Who is entitled for Milk Grant?
A head of household who is in receipt of Social Assistance or Tuberculosis Assistance may be entitled to Milk Grant if he/she or any member of the household has the care and custody of a child less than forty weeks of age who requires weaning or complementary feeding or who cannot breast feed for medical reasons.
2.  How to apply for Milk Grant?
Applications are available at District Offices and can also be downloaded from the website.  After the application is duly filled it is to be submitted to the District Office together with the required documents.
3.  Is the Milk Grant means tested?
The Milk Grant is not means tested but the head of the household should be in receipt of Social Assistance or Tuberculosis Assistance.
4.  Are the applicants examined medically?
Yes, the patients are medically examined by the Medical Board of the Department of Social Security.
5.  For how long is Milk Grant paid?
Benefit is paid from the first Saturday following date of application up to the date when child reaches 40 weeks of age.