Tuberculosis-Assistance FAQ

1.  Who is entitled for Tuberculosis Assistance?
Tuberculosis Assistance is payable to persons suffering from Tuberculosis or Koch’s Disease.
2.  How to apply for Tuberculosis Assistance?
Applications are available at District Offices and can also be downloaded from the website.  After the application is duly filled it is to be submitted to the District Office together with the required documents.
3.  Is the Tuberculosis Assistance means tested?
Tuberculosis Assistance is not Means Tested
4.  Are the applicants examined medically?
No, patients are not medically examined by the Board of the Department but case is referred to the Tuberculosis Clinic for a report of the stage of the disease.
5.  For how long is Tuberculosis Assistance paid?
Tuberculosis is paid until the Tuberculosis Specialist declares that the patient is cured and treatment is stopped.