Tuberculosis Assistance



Any head of household, who proves to the satisfaction of the Director of Social Security that s/he or a member of his/her household suffers from Tuberculosis or Koch’s Disease, shall be entitled to Tuberculosis Assistance.


S/he can show that s/he or any member of his/her household is suffering from Tuberculosis or Koch’s Disease.


In order to apply for this Benefit, a person must fill in the prescribed application form (PA 201), which can be obtained from the Department of Social Security or from any local District Social Security Office.  Once completed, the form must be returned to the same office.

Documents required

Copies of identity cards of claimant and patients within claimant’s household.

Back office process

Once a claim is received, it is immediately referred to the Specialist at the Tuberculosis Clinic of the Health Department, to confirm the disease and to state the date of commencement of treatment and determine the termination date of the same treatment.  The Health Department may determine whether the patient may be required to attend for x-rays. If the claimant then fulfills the eligibility criteria for this benefit, procedures for payment will commence. If the claim is rejected, the claimant is informed accordingly in writing.

Payment Method

Payments are made from the following Saturday following the date of application

Payment Dates

To check when is your next payment please visit this page by clicking here.

How to apply?

You can also call at any Social Security Office (view list here) and apply there.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of the form by visiting our  Application Form page.