Introduction to Medical Assistance

The Medical Section is responsible for the issue of four Non-Contributory Benefits.
These are the Medical Assistance (SKA), Milk Grant (MG), Leprosy Assistance (LA) and the Tuberculosis Assistance (TA).
When the application is received at the Registry from the District Office, a file is opened and this is then referred to the Medical Section for the Assessment.
In the case of the Medical Assistance and the Milk Grant a Financial Test is carried out and if the Capital and Means Test are above the established limits, case is rejected.
On the other hand if this test is satisfied, case is sent to be seen by the Medical Panel.
If the Medical Board does not approve that claimant is suffering from the medical condition indicated on the application, then claim is rejected on medical grounds.
If the Medical Board approves claim, then assistance is paid from the Saturday following date of application.
Applications for Leprosy and Tuberculosis Assistances are not Means Tested and are not seen by the Department’s Medical Board.
One may also make use of the Social Security Act Chapter 318.
The following is a small list which may serve as a guide to view Schedules in connection with the Sickness Assistance, the Tuberculosis Assistance, the Leprosy Assistance and the Milk Grant.
Schedule 2 Part II Sickness Assistance
Schedule 5 Part I Diseases & Conditions in respect of which Sickness Assistance may be payable
Schedule 7 Scale rates of means governing Sickness Assistance
Schedule 9 Weekly rates payable for Sickness Assistance, Tuberculosis Assistance, Leprosy Assistance & Milk Grant.