Social Security Contributions

This page provides Online Services and Information about Social Security Contributions and related Applications administered by the Department of Social Security in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.).​

SOCIAL security contributions Applications information

Exemption for a Third-Country National to register under the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.)​ - MT - EN​
Exemption from paying Class 2 Social Security Contributions - MT - EN​

Exemption of Employer’s share of Social Security Contributions (Live-In Carer) - ​MT - EN​
Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions​​ - MT - EN​​

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions for a Period of Employment in Libya​ - MT - EN​

Voluntary Payment of Class I Social Security Contributions - MT - EN​

Voluntary Payment of Class 2 Social Security Contributions - MT - EN​

SOcial Security contributions Information

Social Security Contributio​ns​ - M​​​T - EN​​     

      Rates​ of Contributions 1998 - 2017 - EN​
      Rates of Contributions 2018 - EN​​
      Rates of Contributions 2019 - MT - EN​
      Class 1 Rates of Contributions 2020 - MTEN​
      Class 2 Rates of Contributions 2020 - MT​ - EN
      ​For more i​nformation vis​it the Commission​er for Revenue website
​     Calculator 128x128 colour.png  Social Securi​ty Contributions Calculator​​  

​​Social Security Contributio​ns Credits - MT - EN​


Registration for a Social Security Number - MT - EN​

View your Social Security Contribu​tions Postings Sheet - MT - EN​