Contributory Retirement Pension


Persons attaining their retirement age may be entitled to a Retirement Pension.


A person may be eligible to Contributory Retirement Pension, if s/he satisfies a set of Statutory Conditions.  The following criteria must be fulfilled:
1.  if you were born: 
    • on the 31st December 1951 or before, your retirement age is 60 years if female and 61 years if male 
    • between 1952 and 1955, your retirement age is 62 years 
    • between 1956 and 1958, your retirement age is 63 years 
    • between 1959 and 1961, your retirement age is 64 years 
    • on the 1st January 1962 or after, your retirement age is 65 years
However, a person - whether be a male or a female - who reaches 61 years of age can opt for an earlier retirement as follows:-
(i) 1820 (35 years) paid or credited contributions in the case of a person born during calendar years 1952 to 1961 or,
(ii) Having paid or been credited with 2080 (40 years) contributions in the case of a person born on or after 1st January 1962. 
2. claimant has been employed or self-occupied for not less than 10 years prior to retirement.
3. claimant has paid at least 156 contributions.
4. on the date of retirement, claimant satisfies the relevant contribution conditions – see Frequently Asked Questions (No. 1).
5. a contributory retirement pension is awarded as from day following date of retirement.


A Retirement Pension application form is automatically sent from the Department of Social Security to prospective pensioners some 4 months before reaching retirement age. If not received, a person wishing to apply for a Retirement Pension may do so by filling in the prescribed application form.
The claim for Retirement Pension has to be made within six months of the retirement date.  When the claim is not made within this stipulated period, the pension shall be payable with effect from the Saturday following the day on which the claim is made.

Documents Required 

  1. The applicant has to fill in the application form for Retirement Pension.
  2. Birth, marriage and / or death certificates are to be attached ONLY if they are not registered at the Public Registry of Malta.
  3. Documentation indicating contributions paid and income earned from employment in the last two years prior to retirement.

Payment Method 

The Department of Social Security informs the applicant in writing about the outcome of the claim and once awarded, Retirement Pension is deposited into a bank account as specified by the applicant.

Payment Dates

To check when is your next payment please click​ here​.

How to apply?

You can apply online by visiting the Eforms page.

You can also call at any Social Security Office (view list here) and apply there.

Alternatively, you can download a copy of the form by visiting our  Application Form  page.