Non Contributory Age Pension-Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who qualifies for Old Age Pension?
Those persons, who do not have enough National Insurance Contributions to qualify for a Contributory Pension and are over 60 years of age, may be entitled for an Old Age Pension.
2.  How to apply for an Old Age Pension?
Applications are available at District Offices and can also be downloaded from the website.  After the application is duly filled it is to be submitted to the District Office together with the required documents.
3.  Is the Carers Pension means tested?
Yes, the Old Age Pension is Means Tested and before awarding the benefit a Capital Test and a Weekly Means Test are carried out.
4.  What are the capital assets that are taken into consideration?
• Financial resources both deposits and cash in hand (bonds, stocks etc.)
• Unoccupied properties/land for development
• More than one/two vehicles depending on the case
• Agricultural land
• Income derived from sale of property or other valuables
5.  What are those weekly means that are taken into consideration? 
• Interests/dividends
• Bank accounts in claimant’s and spouse’s name
• Rents
• Any other income derived
6.  Are the applicants examined medically?
No, applicants claiming Old Age Pension are not medically examined by the Medical Board of the Department of Social Security.