Non Contributory Blind Pension-Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What happens if a person in receipt of a Pension for the Visually Impaired is admitted to a Private Hospital / Institution?

Everything will remain the same.

2. Can a person who, is in receipt of the Pension for the Visually Impaired, work?

Yes, s/he can work.  However, any income earned together with the rate of Pension for the Visually Impaired, does not exceed the National Minimum Wage as applicable to an 18-year old person.  Yes, s/he can work.  However, persons in receipt of pension for Visual Impaired will not have their entitlement decreased if they earn up to the National Minimum wage through employment. Earnings over the NMW will be deducted.

3. Will a person still receive this Pension upon admittance to a Government Hospital / Institution?

When a person is admitted to a government hospital s/he will continue to receive this Pension during the period he is being medically treated.  However if s/he is medically discharged but continues to stay in hospital as a social case his pension is reduced by an amount decided by the Welfare Committee.  This reduction applies also to those persons who are admitted to a Government institution.