Energy Benefit-FAQ

1.  What has changed in respect of the Energy Benefit voucher?What has changed in respect of the Energy Benefit voucher?

With effect from January 14 instead of receiving a voucher in paper format, the Energy Benefit amount will be credited directly to the account and shown as a reduction on the ARMS invoice.

2.  What are the advantages of this new system?

Advantages include:

i.      Customers need not worry over misplacing or damaging vouchers. 

ii.     There is no expiry date related to the benefit.

iii.     The privacy of the customers as they will not produce the voucher upon payment of ARMS bill.

iv.     No vouchers remain unutilised

 v.     Customer may make use of on-line payment facilities since they do not require to present the voucher​

3.  What is the Energy Benefit entitlement composed of?

Your entitlement to the Energy Benefit is assessed by the Department of Social Security and may be composed of one or more of the following:

i.      Electricity service charge

ii.      Water service charge

iii.     Energy benefit entitlement

iv.     Gas benefit

Meter rents are only paid when claimant or spouse is the account holder.

I am a non-account holder and previously I received a paper Energy Benefit Voucher.  How will this change affect me?

Although you may not receive the actual bill, you will be notified of your Energy Benefit         entitlement though a letter issued by the Department of Social Security.  This letter is not to be presented with the ARMS Invoice.

I received deduction with ARMS bill but gas benefit isn’t included? 

Gas benefit is only paid with actual bills. Humanitarian cases are not paid gas rebate.

The number of persons on the bill differs from that on voucher. Should I settle such matter with Water Services Corporation or should I seek your assistance

It depends:

When the number of persons on bill is less than that on the Energy Benefit voucher, one should seek assistance from ARMS.

When the number of persons on bill is more than that on the Energy Benefit voucher, it could be due to the fact that:

i.            Claimant is entitled for those persons whom he/she is head of household of,  but members of household  who are in employment  are excluded from Energy Benefit, irrelevant if it’s full-time or part-time employment.

ii.            Humanitarian cases vouchers are issued on one person. Energy Benefit is calculated on the consumption and not on the number of persons of household.

I’ve moved to another house, am I still entitled to Energy Benefit?

It is important to report such change at your local District Office and produce a copy of ARMS bill or declaration showing new account details so that section concerned will amend account number accordingly.

In case of any difficulty where should I contact?

You should contact the Department of Social Security on telephone number 25903000 if you have queries related to the Energy Benefit amount or on your eligibility to the Energy Benefit.