Injury Benefit-Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  For how long is the Injury Benefit paid?
The Injury Benefit is paid in respect of injuries/diseases resulting in incapacity of work of more than 3 working days, that is, no payment is issued for the first 3 working days of any claim. The Benefit is paid from the 5th consecutive day absent from work (excluding that day where the person is not expected to attend work in the normal course of duty), over a maximum period of 12 months.
2.  Who decides whether a person should receive Injury Benefit?
The Injuries Section processes the applications and sees whether they are eligible on the data provided before being referred to the medical board. 
The Minister of the Family and Social Solidarity appoints a Medical Panel, which examines claims for Injury Benefit.  This Panel decides the duration for which the Benefit is to be issued.  Any subsequent payments are made after the Panel re-examines the case and authorizes such payments.
3.  If a person is injured on his / her way to work, can he / she receive Injury Benefit too?
An accident happening to a person while he /she is travelling as a passenger to/from his/her place of work in any vehicle (including a ship, vessel, or aircraft) which is in any way provided or paid for directly by his/her employer, may receive Injury Benefit.
4.  What is the rate of the Benefit?
For the rates of this benefit please click here.  Rates may change annually.
5.  Are there any other Benefit Entitlements after the 12 month period?
If after twelve months it results that the person concerned has suffered permanent disability he/she can apply for an Injury Grant or Pension depending on the severity of the case.  In each case the percentage disability is estimated by the Medical Panel appointed under the terms of the Social Security Act, after the insured person has made a written request for a review which is substantiated by certificates issued by a medical specialist.