Marriage Grant Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is the Marriage Grant given to the couple or to the individual spouses?
Marriage grant is awarded individually to each of the spouses on condition their individual eligibility criteria are fulfilled.  This means that if any part of the married couple will be eligible, while the other will not, then Marriage Grant will be awarded only to the eligible spouse.
2.  What happens if a person remarries?
A person who legally contracts marriage on more than one occasion shall be entitled to a Marriage Grant in respect of each marriage on condition that between one marriage and another s/he was employed/self-employed/self-occupied for at least six months and was paying the contributions for that same period.
3.  Can a claim for Marriage Grant be rejected?
Yes a claim can be rejected if:

Application is received after 6 months from date of marriage;
Applicants are not Maltese / EU citizens who are normally resident in Malta;
Applicants or any of the spouses have not paid at least 26 Social Security Contributions prior to date of marriage;

In these case, the claimant is informed by writing.  S/he may appeal against the Director of Social Security’s decision before the Social Security Umpire.  However, appeals may be lodged only on particular articles of law or important principles emerging from the Director’s decision to reject the claim.  The appeal must be lodged in writing within 30 days from the date of the notice by which the claimant is informed that the claim is rejected.  The written appeal has to be presented to the Secretary to the Umpire, Department of Social Security, 19, Triq Dun Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Valletta, CMR 02.
4.  What is the rate of the Marriage Grant?
 For the Marriage Grant rates as per year 2014, please click here.

5.  How can a person apply for the Marriage Grant?

Applications can be found either online by using the e-ID or by printing the said application from the Department's website or by obtaining the form from your nearest District Office.