Sickness Benefit


A person who has not reached retirement age and who satisfies the relevant contribution conditions may be eligible to Sickness Benefit.


Each claim is accepted if submitted within ten (10) days from the first day of incapacity for work.


In order to start receiving Sickness Benefit, a medical certificate (blue form) has to be prepared by a medical practitioner when the incapacity for work is of no longer than six (6) days.  The original certificate has to be sent to the Department of Social Security whereas the copy has to be sent to the claimant’s employer.  If the incapacity for work is longer than six (6) days, the medical certificate has to be renewed once a week until the claimant is fit to resume work.  One’s right to receive Sickness Benefit may be lost if important details on certificates are missing, or details are illegible, or certificates cannot be processed.  Therefore, to present a valid certificate certain details have to be provided to the medical practitioner, such as, the Social Security Registration Certificate (N.I.3) and the Identity Card number.  Any person applying for Sickness Benefit may appoint an agent to receive the benefit on his/her behalf.  When applying for this benefit one has to fill in the appropriate form, which may be obtained from one of the local Social Security District Office.  When an agent is appointed, the cheque may be cashed by the agent or by the claimant.  Bank accont details must be inputted on the back of certificate.

Documents Required

Original medical certificate.

Back office process

Once an application for Sickness Benefit is received, officials at the Department for Social Security verify it for contribution payments.  Then an assessment of the contribution test is carried out and the claim is assessed and reviewed by a Medical Panel appointed by the Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity.  If the claim is found to be eligible, the benefit due is paid and details of the payment are sent to the beneficiary.  Persons are paid according to the number of working days in their normal working week, that is, either a five (5) or six a (6)-day week.  No payments are effected for public holidays.  When the claim is rejected, the claimant is informed in writing accordingly.  Payments are made by direct credit into any local bank and only in certain circumstances it is paid by cheque.  In such eventuality, please call your District Office for more assistance.  Beneficiaries will lose their right to benefit if the cheque is not cashed within 104 weeks of the original issue of payment.

Payment Dates

To check when is your next payment please visit this page by clicking here.

Application Form

No application is available for this benefit as only blue medical certificates are accepted for benefit payments.