Unemployment Benefit


Employed persons, who paid Class 1 contributions, may be entitled to receive Unemployment Benefit provided they are registering for employment under the Part I register kept by the Employment and Training Corporation.


Claimant has paid at least 50 contributions (since when s/he entered the Social Security scheme), and has paid (or have been credited to him/her) at least 20 contributions in the last two years, immediately before the start of the benefit year during which the claim is submitted.
Self-Occupied who, prior to registering for work, were paying Class 2 contributions are not entitled to Unemployment Benefit but may be entitled to credits and to Unemployment Assistance , which is means tested.


If you are unemployed and wish to register for work you have to go to the Jobsplus.
Persons in possession of Jobsplus Registration Card should go to the nearest Jobsplus Job Centre.* First time registrants, who do not have the registration card, should go to the Registration Unit at Kumpless Access, 72, Melita Street, Valletta.  Residents in Gozo can register at the Jobsplus Job Centre in St Francis Square, Victoria.
When a person is registered on Part I by the Jobsplus, an application for Unemployment Benefit is submitted automatically.  However, it is very important that the individual visits the Social Security District Office to check whether s/he qualifies for Special Unemployment Benefit / Unemployment Assistance or any other benefits.
* For a list of Jobsplus Job Centres, opening hours and other information about registration, please visit: https://jobsplus.gov.mt/.

Documents Required

If you are unemployed and wish to register for work with the Jobsplus, you need to produce the following documents:

First time registrants:

- Identity Card
- Social Security Card, NI 5 (obtained from District Office of the Department of Social Security)
- Termination Form of previous employment (duly signed by Employer)
- Any certificates of academic qualifications attained
- Personal curriculum vitae (CV)
- Registration Form (to download, click here)

Re-registrants (already in possession of registration card):

- Identity Card
- Jobsplus Registration Card
- Termination Form of previous employment (duly signed by Employer)
- Any additional certificates which were not previously produced

Other registrants who are in possession of any business or trade permit:

Should produce documentary evidence showing that such licence or permit has been revoked.  These include: Animal Breeders, Fishermen, Farmers, holders of a Special Driving Licence Tag.

Back Office Process

Registration data is uploaded by Jobsplus to Department of Social Security every week.  Those already in payment receive Unemployment Benefit weekly, if they renew their weekly registration.  New claims have to be assessed for contributions paid by individual.  If satisfying, as per eligible criteria, the claim is verified and carried on for payment.  At this stage, letter of award with details of payment is issued and sent to beneficiary.  If contributions paid do not satisfy the eligibility criteria, a rejection is issued and thus claimant is informed in writing.
Unemployment Benefit is one of the benefits covered by Quality Service Charter.  If application is in order, it is expected that one has to receive payment within 5 weeks from date of application.

Payment Dates

To check when is your next payment please visit this page by clicking here.

Application Form

Application is submitted automatically, when a person is registered, on Part 1, by the Jobsplus.