Benefit Calculators

The calculators on this page are a tool that allows you to enter data to calculate an unofficial projection of your benefit. This is not an official estimate and there is no guarantee that you will receive these amounts. The accuracy of the benefit projection will depend on how closely the data you enter matches your actual data in the future. The calculator uses the data you input and does not compare that data against your actual account. The actual social security benefit that you receive must be calculated under the provisions of the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.).

Children's Allowance Calculator

Children’s Allowance is awarded to married couples; civil union couples; cohabiting couples; single parents; separated parents or returned migrants, having the care and custody of their children under 16 years of age.

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Elderly Home Admission Contribution (EHAC) Calculator

When one is admitted into a Residential Home, fees and charges apply in line with Regulation LN 259/2004 - State Financed Residential Services. A financial assessment is required for the purposes of these regulations.

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In-Work Benefit Calculator

The In-Work Benefit is aimed to assist couples and single parents who are employed and have children under the age of 23 years, who are still dependent and living with them.

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Retirement Pension Calculator

The Contributory Retirement Pension may be awarded to a person who reaches retirement age. (This calculator is applicable to a prospective retiree born on or after 1st January 1952).

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Sickness Benefit Calculator

A person who has not reached retirement age and who satisfies the relevant contribution conditions may be eligible to Sickness Benefit.

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Tapering of Benefits Calculator​

The Tapering of Benefits Scheme is intended to introduce persons in receipt of Unemployment Assistance (UA), Social Assistance (SA) and Social Assistance for Single Unmarried Parents (SUP) to employment. Tapering of Benefits is given for a 3 year period to those beneficiaries who become engaged in employment or also as self-occupied, as long as they earn the national minimum wage or more. In case of SUP (Single Parent) beneficiaries, they can also be eligible if they work part-time.

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Unemployment Benefit Calculator

Unemployment Benefit may be awarded to a person who has paid Class 1 or Class 2 Social Security Contributions and is registering with Jobsplus under Part I of the Unemployment Register.

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Widow/er's Pension Calculator

A Contributory Widow/er’s Pension is awarded to a claimant who satisfies the relevant conditions following the death of the spouse/partner.

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