Children's Allowance - Annual Income Exceeding Threshold

*Indicates Mandatory Information

For period between 4th January 2020 and 1st January 2021

For those having an Annual Income basis 2018 Exceeding €25,227

Parents’ Details

Head of Household

Attach a copy of Certificate / Separation Contract / Contract,
if you experienced Civil Union / Separation / Divorce:   
Attach a copy of Marriage Certificate,
unless already registered with the Public Registry of Malta:   

Spouse / Partner

The details requested are those of the other person forming part of this family unit

Contact Details

Children for whom the claim is being made

In cases of adoption or children not born in Malta, all relevant documentation related to the adoption process or birth of child must be submitted to claim the Children’s Allowance

Children Under 16 Years of Age

Bank Account Details

If you have a bank garnishee order, provide an official document and payment will be made by cheque. If you do not have a bank garnishee order, fill in the below bank details.

Copy of Garnishee Order if you have blocked Bank Accounts:   

Allowance should be deposited in a Savings or Current Account, but not in a Loan Account. The indicated account must be in the name of the beneficiary. The bank account details provided will also be used for all benefits that you may be currently receiving.

Details of Employment and/or Residence outside Malta

(These details are required to apply the necessary coordination rules provided in Title III Chapter 8 of Regulations (EC) No. 883/2004 and 987/2009, in order to ensure that the correct amount of benefit and supplement is paid in cases where the family is employed / resident in more than one EU Member State.)

If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions, please fill in all details below and then fill in the Declaration. If your answer is No, please fill in the Declaration below.

Head of Household

If Yes, please fill in the information below:

Spouse / Partner

If Yes, please fill in the information below:

Children living abroad

Necessary Documents

If Separated, kindly attach Separation Decree / Contract

Separation Decree / Contract (Head of Household):   
Separation Decree / Contract (Spouse):   

Documentation related to the Adoption Process or Birth of Child

Adoption Process:   
Birth of Child:   

Additional Documentation


Declaration Form

Signed Declaration Form:*   

To receive a copy of the application, type your email address below

      Department of Social Security
      38, Ordnance Street
      Valletta VLT 1021
 Contact Numbers
      Freephone 153

      International Calls
      +356 21255153*
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