Child in Care Benefit - Foster Care Service

Details of Child about whom the claim is being made

Foster Carers Details

Head of Household

Spouse / Partner

The details requested are those of the other person forming part of this family unit

Contact Details

If applying for the first time as a separated person, kindly attach separation decree / contract

Separation Decree / Contract (Head of Household):   
Separation Decree / Contract (Spouse):   

Bank Account Details

Copy of Garnishee Order if you have blocked Bank Accounts:   
If you have a bank garnishee order, payment will be effected by cheque. If you do not have a bank garnishee order, fill in the below bank details.

Benefit should be deposited in a Savings or Current Account, but not in a Loan Account. The indicated account has to be in the name of the beneficiary.

Necessary Documents

Approval by the Fostering Board

Any family, married couple and single individuals (in particular cases only), irrespective of their age, class, race and religion, can become foster carers after undergoing training followed by an assessment and approval by the Fostering Board as stipulated in the Foster Care Act. N.B. Foster Carers are required to produce a copy of the Decision Letter issued by the Fostering Board.

Approval by the Fostering Board:*   

Declaration Form

Signed Declaration Form:*   

IMPORTANT: So as not to have the benefit forfeited, clam should be received by the Department of Social Security within six (6) months from when the child started living with the Foster Carers.

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