Energy Benefit - Humanitarian Case

Beneficiary's Details

Head of Household Details

To be filled in case Beneficiary is not the Head of Household

Water and Electricity Account Details

(To be filled in case claimant is not the Water & Electricity Account holder)

Income Declaration for the previous year of the date of application

Fill in all boxes. Write 0 (number zero) if no income is to be declared

Head of Household Income (€)

Spouse Income (€)

Spouse: The details requested are those of the other person forming part of this family unit

NOTE: Bank interest, Registered investments with the Malta Stock Exchange, Social Security and Treasury benefits or pensions together with English and Australian pensions need not to be included.

Necessary Documents

(No claim will be accepted without the necessary documents)

Medical Certificate
Note: In addition to the Medical Certificate, please include other relevant documentation related to the electrical equipment used in connection with the medical condition.

Medical Certificate:*   
Other Documents related to the Medical Condition:   

Water and Electricity Invoice

Copy of the last Water and Electricity Invoice:*   

Gainfully Occupied Person

FS3 Full-Time (Head of Household):   
FS3 Part-Time (Head of Household):   

FS3 Full-Time (Spouse): 

FS3 Part-Time (Spouse):   

Self Employed Person

Profit and Loss Accounts (Head of Household):   
Social Security Contributions Receipts (Head of Household):   
In Case of Directors / Company Shareholders: Audited Final Accounts (Head of Household):   

Profit and Loss Accounts (Spouse): 

Social Security Contributions Receipts (Spouse):   
In Case of Directors / Company Shareholders: Audited Final Accounts (Spouse):   


Signed Declaration Form:*   

Who is eligible for such assistance?

This assistance will be awarded on humanitarian grounds, to any head of household who proves to the satisfaction of the Director that:

  1. any member of the family has a medical condition that requires the excessive use of water and electricity
  2. the members of the family are permanently residing in Malta
  3. the household income, calculated in accordance with the Second Schedule of Section VII of the Social Security Act (Cap.318) is less than €30,911 per year

Payment of Energy Benefit is effected from date of application

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