In-Work Benefit

Basic Year 2019

* Indicates mandatory information

Applicant’s Details

Head of Household

Spouse / Partner

The details requested are those of the other person forming part of this family unit

Contact Details

If the spouse / partner works abroad, give details of the person, the foreign address of where he / she resides as well as employment details in that country and FS3 for basic year 2019.


Details of Children Residing at the Same Address

Bank Account Details

If you have a bank garnishee order, provide an official document and payment will be made by cheque. If you do not have a bank garnishee order, fill in the below bank details.

Copy of Garnishee Order if you have blocked Bank Accounts:   

Benefit should be deposited in a Savings or Current Account, but not in a Loan Account. The indicated account has to be in the name of the beneficiary.

Necessary Documents

A copy of FS3 for basic year 2019 showing income from employment or a statement of profit and loss account for basic year 2019, together with a copy of receipts of Social Security contributions paid if you are a self-occupied person.

If you had more than one employment during 2019, an FS3 for every employment you had, has to be presented.



Signed Declaration Form:*   

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