Exemption for Third-Country Nationals


Applicant’s Details

Employment Details

1 With this exemption employers are automatically exempted from their share of Social Security Contributions, so no other applications are to be filed.

2 Indicate date of commencement of employment in case of new exemption, or expiry date for renewal.
Social Security Contributions Exemptions for third country nationals are renewed every year, or according to single-work permit validity.

Necessary Documents

Copy of single-work permit issued by Identity Malta, or registration confirmation letter if permit is still not available


Copy of the latest state contribution payment receipt from the national institution in the third-country homeland



Signed Declaration Form:*   

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      Department of Social Security
      38, Ordnance Street
      Valletta VLT 1021
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      Freephone 153

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      +356 21255153*
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