Sickness Assistance


This application may also be used for Leprosy Assistance and Tuberculosis Assistance

Details of Head of Household

Contact Details

Details about the Head of Household's / Spouse's Employment

If Head of Household is employed on Part-Time basis,
kindly attach copy of last Payslip:

If Spouse is employed on Part-Time basis,
kindly attach copy of last Payslip:

Details of the Household's Capital Resources and Income (required for Sickness Assistance only)

Bank Deposits / Funds held in local and foreign banks. (Quote Bank Account numbers or other references)

Money kept at home, lent to or kept by third parties (required for Sickness Assistance only)

Urban or Rural Properties (Do not include house of residence or summer residence) (required for Sickness Assistance only)

Pensions (Do not include Head of Household’s Social Security Pension) (required for Sickness Assistance only)

Other Income (required for Sickness Assistance only)

Details about the Family Setup

Spouse Details

Members of Household

Bank Account Details

If you have a bank garnishee order, provide an official document and payment will be made by cheque. If you do not have a bank garnishee order, fill in the below bank details.

Copy of Garnishee Order if you have blocked Bank Accounts:   

Allowance should be deposited in a Savings or Current Account, but not in a Loan Account. The indicated account has to be in the name of the beneficiary.

Necessary Documents

Bank Statments


Copies of Stocks and Shares



An official document from an Architect declaring the current capital value of any mentioned unrented property

Document from an Architect:   

Copy of the Land Registration Booklet

Land Registration Booklet:   

Copy of document showing actual income from foreign pensions

Income from Foreign Pensions:   

Copy of rent documents for any rented property

Rented Property:   

Details about the Patient (To be filled by Medical Doctor and attach document)

Doctor's Report:*   

Additional Documents



Signed Declaration Form:*   

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      Valletta VLT 1021
 Contact Numbers
      Freephone 153

      International Calls
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