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Clear writing

Clear Writing at the Department of Social Security

Employees of the Social Security Department communicate with beneficiaries and members of the public on a daily basis. Our pledge is therefore to provide the public with the information they need from us.

Commitment To Communicating Clearly

Communication is a large part of our service delivery. Accordingly, Clear Writing necessitates that we communicate clearly and in a way that the public can understand and use. Our commitment is to write in clear, useful and understandable language that the public can grasp on first reading.

Benefits entitlement can sometimes be complex and hard to explain, hence we strive to simplify the language we use in our written communications. We recognise the importance of communicating in a way that is clear and concise. We affirm our commitment and dedication to improving our written materials using clear writing.

Let Us Know How We’re Doing

Let us know if you have trouble understanding a form, notice, pamphlet, or any of our webpages. We invite you to share your recommendations on ways to improve our written communication and will use this information to further refine and simplify our communications. Write to us at We value your input!

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