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Appeal against a Decision by the Department of Social Security


An appeal may be lodged by a Maltese or non-Maltese national against a decision by the Department of Social Security before the Social Security Umpire. One may lodge an appeal on a question of law or a principle of importance emerging from a decision by the Department of Social Security according to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.). The appeal must to be lodged within thirty (30) days from when one is informed of the decision.

Once the details are vetted, a notification is sent to the appellant with the date and venue of the sitting in front of the umpire.

What you’ll get

An applicant or beneficiary will receive a letter of explanation whenever the Department of Social Security makes a decision regarding his/her eligibility for social security benefits or for an overpayment being a result of a benefit which a beneficiary is no longer eligible to.  If in disagreement with the decision, the person has the right to appeal against that decision.


An Appeal may be lodged against any decision except for decisions taken by a board of medical doctors. However, an application for Invalidity Pension that is rejected on medical grounds may be appealed.

Documentation Required

General documentation: 

  • Letter issued by the Department of Social Security for which you are lodging an appeal.
  • Additional relavant documention to support your appeal may be included with the application.

How to apply

An appeal may also be logded on behalf of the appellant by a person of trust or by visiting one of the hubs.

You may watch a video tutorial to guide you on how to submit an appeal online by clicking here

For an online appeal, the appellant or the person of trust, need to authenticate with own e-ID.
Click here to apply.