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Monitor Your Social Security Application Status

The My Cases online application monitoring service offers a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on the status of your benefits application. This service provides real-time information while monitoring your social security application’s progress and checking for any updates.

The application monitoring service is particularly beneficial for individuals awaiting the outcome of their benefit claims. It allows you to access your application status at any time without the need to visit or call the Department of Social Security. This feature is especially helpful for those with busy schedules, pensioners, individuals with disabilities, or those who may not have a office nearby. To access this service, you need an e-ID account issued by the Maltese Government agency, Identity. Once logged in and authenticated, you can access the information and stay informed.

For those making blue medical certificate sickness benefit claims, you can view the blue medical certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security for the past five (5) years. While these certificates do not confirm Sickness Benefit claims, they provide a record of certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security. Through the Social Security Payments Service, you can access information on any sickness benefits paid in the past five (5) years related to the submitted blue medical certificates.

It’s important to note that the application monitoring service does not provide status information for requests regarding tentative assessments for retirement pensions. In such cases, you will need to contact the department for updates.

The application monitoring service offered by My Cases is a valuable tool for all applicants, providing an easy way to stay informed about the status of their applications.


My Cases 

View the cases you’ve raised, as well as their status. To view case status, you are required to login with your e-ID.

Citizen Portal

The status of the listed applications can be monitored through the Citizen Portal

  • Appeal against the Department of Social Security
  • Benefits Compliance Investigation Request


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Application Monitoring

To view the status of your social security benefit application you’ve submitted, click here.


Blue Medical Certificate – Monitoring

To view a list of blue medical certificates presented as from 5 years ago, click here.


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