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A to Z List of Applications and Services

Given that you have all pre-requisites available, it should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to have the application filled in.

Adoption Benefit

Adoption Leave Benefit

Age Pension

Appeal Against a Decision by the Department of Social Security

Application – Monitoring

Appointment of an Administrator or Agent of an Administrator for Pensions and Benefits

Banking Details

Benefit Certification – Foreign Beneficiaries

Benefits Compliance Investigation Request

Benefits Rates

Blue Medical Certificate – Monitoring

Blue Medical Certificate – Submit

Carer’s Allowance

Certification of Insurance/Employment Periods in another EU Country – Form U1

Cheque Redirection

Children in Care Allowance – Foster Care Service

Children in Care Allowance: Foster Care Service – Tapering of Benefit

Children in Care Allowance – Residential Service

Children’s Allowance Calculator

Children’s Allowance – Claim for Revision

Children’s Allowance – Child between 16 and 21 years of age

Children’s Allowance and Child Birth or Adoption Bonus – Annual Income exceeds Threshold

Children’s Allowance and Child Birth or Adoption Bonus – Annual Income less than Threshold

Children’s Allowance and Child Birth or Adoption Bonus – Additional Children

Claim by Heir/s for Balance of Social Security Benefits

Contact Details

Contact Details – Update Foreign Address

Contributory Retirement Grant for Non-Pensioners

Declaration regarding Care and Custody (de facto) of Minor Child/Children

Disability Assistance

Disabled Child Allowance

Documents – Submit

Drug Addict Assistance 

Elderly Home Admission Contribution Calculator

Energy Benefit

Energy Benefit – Humanitarian Case

Entitlement to Remain Insured in Malta – Form A1

Exemption for Third-Country Nationals to Register under the Social Security Act

Exemption from Paying Class 2 Social Security Contributions

Exemption from Payment of the Employer’s share of Social Security Contributions for Elderly or Disabled Persons who employ a Carer

Fostering Leave Trust Claim

FSS Prescribed Percentage Request

Increased Carer’s Allowance

Increased Severe Disability Assistance

Injury Benefit

Injury on Duty Grant / Pension

Invalidity Pension

In-Work Benefit

In-Work Benefit Calculator

Leprosy Assistance

Marriage Grant

Maternity / Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Maternity Benefit

Maternity Leave Benefit

Medical Board Appointment – Request to Reschedule, Cancel or a Home Visit

Milk Grant

Once-only-Grant – Government Departments

Once-only-Grant – Corporations and Entities in the Public Sector

Orphan’s Allowance

Orphan’s Supplementary Allowance

Parental / Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Paternity / Paternity-Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Payments Dates

Personal Details

Power of Attorney for Pensions and Benefits

Proceeding Abroad Notification

Registration under the Social Security Act

Repay an Overpayment

Repay an Overpayment – Employer

Report a Death of a Social Security Beneficiary

Report a Payment not Received

Residential Address Referral

Retirement Pension

Retirement Pension Calculator

Retirement Pension – Tentative Assessment

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions for a Period of Employment in Libya

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions – Carer’s Allowance and Increased Carer’s Allowance

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions – Invalidity

Retrospective payment of Social Security Contributions – JobsPlus1990

Senior Citizen Grant

Severe Disability Assistance

Severe Intellectual Disability Assistance

Single Unmarried Parent Allowance

Sickness Assistance

Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit Calculator

Social Assistance

Social Security Contributions – Gaps

Social Security Contributions – Record

Social Security Contributions – Working in the EU

Social Security Payments

Special Unemployment Benefit

Statement of Earnings – FS3

Statement of No Earnings

Statement of Payments Issued

Statutory Bonuses

Statutory Bonuses – Pensioner Employed Part-time

Subsidiary Unemployment Assistance

Supplementary Allowance – Responsible for Household

Supplementary Allowance – Not Responsible for Household

Tapering of Benefits Calculator

Tapering of Benefits – Employed Person

Tapering of Benefits – Person Responsible for Household whose Spouse / Partner Started Employment

Tapering of Benefits – Married / Civil Union / Cohabiting

Tapering of Benefits – Self-Occupied Person

Tapering of Benefits – Single Parent

Tubercolosis Assistance

Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment Benefit Calculator

Visual Impairment Assistance

Voluntary Payment of Class 1 Social Security Contributions

Voluntary Payment of Class 2 Social Security Contributions

Widow/er’s Pension

Widow/er’s Pension Calculator