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A to Z List of Applications and Services

Given that you have all pre-requisites available, it should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to have the application filled in.

Additional Cost of Living Benefit (ADCL)

Adoption Benefit

Adoption Leave Benefit

Age Pension

Appeal Against a Decision by the Department of Social Security

Application – Monitoring

Appointment of an Administrator or Agent of an Administrator for Pensions and Benefits

Banking Details

Benefit Certification – Foreign Beneficiaries

Benefits Compliance Investigation Request

Benefits Rates

Blue Medical Certificate – Monitoring

Blue Medical Certificate – Submit

Carer’s Allowance

Certification of Insurance/Employment Periods in another EU Country – Form U1

Cheque Redirection

Children in Care Allowance – Foster Care Service

Children in Care Allowance: Foster Care Service – Tapering of Benefit

Children in Care Allowance – Residential Service

Children’s Allowance Calculator

Children’s Allowance – Claim for Revision

Children’s Allowance – Child between 16 and 21 years of age

Children’s Allowance – Special Student Allowance

Children’s Allowance and Child Birth or Adoption Bonus – Annual Income exceeds Threshold

Children’s Allowance and Child Birth or Adoption Bonus – Annual Income less than Threshold

Children’s Allowance and Child Birth or Adoption Bonus – Additional Children

Claim by Heir/s for Balance of Social Security Benefits

Contact Details

Contact Details – Update Foreign Address

Contributory Retirement Grant for Non-Pensioners

Declaration regarding Care and Custody (de facto) of Minor Child/Children

Disability Assistance

Disabled Child Allowance

Documents – Submit

Drug Addict Assistance 

Elderly Home Admission Contribution Calculator

Energy Benefit

Energy Benefit – Humanitarian Case

Entitlement to Remain Insured in Malta – Form A1

Exemption for Third-Country Nationals Employees to Register under the Social Security Act

Exemption for Self-Occupied Persons from Paying Class 2 Social Security Contributions

Exemption from Payment of the Employer’s share of Social Security Contributions for Elderly or Disabled Persons who employ a Carer

Fostering Leave Trust Claim

FSS Prescribed Percentage Request

Increased Carer’s Allowance

Increased Severe Disability Assistance

Injury Benefit

Injury on Duty Grant / Pension

Invalidity Pension

In-Work Benefit

In-Work Benefit Calculator

Leprosy Assistance

Life Certificate – Submit

Marriage Grant

Maternity / Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Maternity Benefit

Maternity Leave Benefit

Medical Board Appointment – Request to Reschedule, Cancel or a Home Visit

Milk Grant

Once-only-Grant – Corporations and Entities in the Public Sector

Once-only Grant – Employees RSSL

Once-only Grant – Employees TeleMalta Corporation

Orphan’s Allowance

Orphan’s Supplementary Allowance

Parental / Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Paternity / Paternity-Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Payments Dates

Personal Details

Personal Details – Update

Power of Attorney for Pensions and Benefits

Proceeding Abroad Notification

Registration under the Social Security Act

Repay an Overpayment

Repay an Overpayment – Employer

Report a Death of a Social Security Beneficiary

Report a Payment not Received

Residential Address Referral

Retirement Pension

Retirement Pension Calculator

Retirement Pension – Tentative Assessment

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions for a Period of Employment in Libya

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions – Carer’s Allowance and Increased Carer’s Allowance

Retrospective Payment of Social Security Contributions – Invalidity

Retrospective payment of Social Security Contributions – JobsPlus1990

Senior Citizen Grant

Severe Disability Assistance

Severe Intellectual Disability Assistance

Single Unmarried Parent Allowance

Sickness Assistance

Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit Calculator

Social Assistance

Social Security Contributions – Gaps

Social Security Contributions – Record

Social Security Contributions – Working in the EU

Social Security Payments

Special Unemployment Benefit

Statement of Earnings – FS3

Statement of No Earnings

Statement of Payments Issued

Statutory Bonuses

Statutory Bonuses – Pensioner Employed Part-time

Subsidiary Unemployment Assistance

Supplementary Allowance – Responsible for Household

Supplementary Allowance – Not Responsible for Household

Tapering of Benefits Calculator

Tapering of Benefits – Employed Person

Tapering of Benefits – Person Responsible for Household whose Spouse / Partner Started Employment

Tapering of Benefits – Married / Civil Union / Cohabiting

Tapering of Benefits – Self-Occupied Person

Tapering of Benefits – Single Parent

Tubercolosis Assistance

Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment Benefit Calculator

Visual Impairment Assistance

Voluntary Payment of Class 1 Social Security Contributions

Voluntary Payment of Class 2 Social Security Contributions

Widow/er’s Pension

Widow/er’s Pension Calculator