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State Funded Food Distributions Scheme (SFFD)


The State Funded Food Distribution Scheme or as is more known as the SFFD, will be given to people most in need, and is totally funded by the state. The scheme is aimed at reaching a wider range of people in need. Families who already benefit from the Fund for European Aid (FEAD) will not be eligible.

Families won’t simply be given food for free but also the social support necessary.

What you’ll get

This scheme besides offering material assistance to families who are most in need or vulnerable, will also contribute to the reduction of poverty and social exclusion.

Through this scheme, healthy food products, that will help a person to maintain a balanced and varied diet, will be distributed to those who are eligible.

The food package delivered to families includes milk, sauces, pasta, canned tuna and other essentials needed to help support individuals at the risk of poverty.

This food package is distributed 2 times a year.


General eligibility criteria:

  1. Households in receipt of non-contributory benefit (Unemployment Assistance, Special Unemployment Benefit, Social Assistance, Social Assistance Board and Single Unmarried Parent).
  2. Households eligible for non-contributory means tested Age Pension with single status.
  3. Households in receipt of Energy Benefit with a low income.
  4. Households in receipt of disability pension (Disability Assistance, Severe Disability Assistance, Increased Severe Disability Assistance and Visual Impairement Assistance) and not in employment.

Persons residing in a hospital, state institution or home are not eligible.

How to apply

An eligible person does not have to submit an application to benefit from this scheme.

The food packages will be distributed in centres spread around Malta and Gozo to facilitate as much as possible the collection of food to those who are eligible.

Those who will benefit from this scheme will receive a letter in advance informing them that they are eligible as well as informing them from which centre, dates and time they can collect the food package depending on the household size.