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Retrospective payment of Social Security Contributions – JobsPlus1990


This scheme is intended for Maltese residents whose official Jobsplus records indicate period/s of gainful occupation before the establishment of the Employment and Training Corporation (today Jobsplus); but having same period not officially covered by Social Security Contribution insurance payments. The scope of this scheme is to enable eligible applicants to qualify for a minimum contributory pension from Malta, because otherwise, due to not having the minimum requirement of paid Social Security Contributions, they are rendered ineligible for such pension.

What you’ll get

Eligible applicants shall be allowed to pay the necessary Social Security contributions in arrears, up to a maximum of 260 contributions (equivalent to a maximum of 5 years Social Security insurance) to enable them to qualify for a minimum pension. The missing contributions period on records should be in a period/s falling before 31st December 1990, whereby Jobsplus employment records should be indicative of gainful occupation. Missing contributions for periods of employment after 31st December 1990 are not allowed to be paid under this scheme.

The arrears contributions payment rate due is the standard Class Two Rate SA, as applicable on the effective date of arrears payment.

The bill issued by the Department of Social Security for retrospective contribution payments, shall also indicate an estimate of the potential pension rate due, if the billed contributions are paid. Applicants shall also be notified if their application is rejected, or if the payment of arrears of contributions shall not make any difference in their potential eligibility for a pension, or potential pension rate.


General eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants should be ordinary residents in Malta who are registered and insured for Social Security purposes in Malta
  • Applicants need to have reached Maltese retirement age
  • With the current contribution history, applicants do not qualify for minimum pension, even by current under age 19 contributions or the 10 year minimum contribution criteria.
  • The Jobsplus registered employment should not be for periods after 31st December 1990
  • Work activity should be already indicated on Jobsplus records as on 12th October 2021
  • Despite Jobsplus recorded work activities before 1990, there are missing Social Security Contributions for same period/s

    How to apply

    Fill-in and submit application online.