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Our Charter

01/04/2024 | Latest News

This charter’s main aim is to serve as a guiding document that outlines our principles, goals and the responsibilities we have towards our citizens. It is designed to ensure that you, as a valued member of our society, have a clear understanding of the rights and benefits you are entitled to and what are the standards of service you can expect from us under the Social Security Act (Cap.318.).

Our Charter is a testament to our dedication to social welfare and the well-being of every individual in Malta. It embodies our core values of accountability, dignity, equality, impartiality, integrity, loyalty, non-discrimination, quality, respect and trust. These values form the foundation of our operations and guide our interactions with you.

By familiarising yourself with Our Charter, you will gain valuable insights into the foundation of our operations, empowering you to navigate the social security system with confidence and clarity. We believe that understanding your rights and the services available to you is crucial in promoting an efficient and responsive relationship between the Department for Social Security and the citizens we serve.

Together, we can build a strong partnership rooted in trust, compassion, and equality, as we work towards enhancing the quality of life for every individual in our society. We invite you to explore this chapter, and discover the fundamental principles that shape Our Charter, by clicking here.