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Celebrating 3 Years of mySocialSecurity

31/08/2022 | Latest News

It has been 3 years since we launched mySocialSecurity service to offer more secure and convenient self-service options online. Users have accessed the various secure and convenient self-service options, such as Personal Details, Services, and Calculators. We’ve added and upgraded features that make your life easier when using the oline services. We take great pride in providing this together with all our services.

  • It’s quick – Your e-ID account gives you immediate access to personal information and tools, putting you in control of your time!
  • It’s secure – We’re committed to using the best technologies available to protect your personal information. Security measures keep you safe and secure.
  • It’s easy– Accessing mySocialSecurity with your e-ID account is convenient so you can skip the trip!

If you do not have an e-ID account to access mySocialSecurity services, apply at your earliest to avoid missing out on any opportunities. Whether or not you receive benefits, a secure e-ID account gives you a personalized tool.