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Did You Know… 

The Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights provides various Benefits and Services. Click on the icon of these information clips, in order to find out about these Benefits and Services and how to obtain more information or how to apply for them.  Clips are in Maltese version only.

Clip 1
Social Security Number
Clip 2
Payment of Social Security Contributions
Clip 3
Payment of Social Security Contributions II
Clip 4
Tapering of Benefits
Clip 5
Incentive for those who continue to work
Clip 6
In-Work Benefit​
Clip 7
Tapering of Benefits II
Clip 8
Child Bonus
Clip 9
Children’s Allowance and Supplementary Allowance 
Clip 10
Carers Allowance
Clip 11
Severe Disability Assistance 
Clip 12
Benefit Fraud
Clip 13
MyServices – Bank Account Details for the Payment of Benefits
Clip 14
MyServices –  Statement of Applications and Medical Certificates
Clip 15
MyServices – Statement of Contributions and Benefit Payments