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Expand your Social Security Knowledge with these Four Terms

01/10/2022 | Latest News

We strive to explain our benefits and services using easy-to-understand, plain language.  Our commitment towards Clear Writing requires that we communicate information clearly in a way that the public can understand and use. This can be particularly challenging when talking about complicated Social Security matters.

Take a moment to learn a few common Social Security terms and acronyms!


Any allowance payable under the Social Security Act (CAP. 318.).

Appeal (Appeal Rights)

An applicant or beneficiary will receive a letter of explanation whenever the Department of Social Security makes a decision regarding the eligibility for social security benefits.  If in disagreement with the decision, the person has the right to appeal against that decision.


An applicant can apply for a social security benefit or request a service using the online applications or services if one has a valid e-ID. Else one may opt to visit  a centre whereby an Authorised Representative will apply or request a service on the applicant’s or beneficary’s behalf.

Application Processed

Date of when the benefit application is processed (assessed).


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