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Expand your Social Security Knowledge with these Four Terms

13/09/2022 | Latest News

We strive to explain our benefits and services using easy-to-understand, plain language.  Our commitment towards Clear Writing requires that we communicate information clearly in a way that “the public can understand and use.” This can be particularly challenging when talking about complicated Social Security matters.

Take a moment to learn a few common Social Security terms and acronyms!

Actual Widow 

The surviving spouse, whether a widow or a widower, of a married or a cohabiting couple who immediately prior to widowhood was married to the deceased spouse and had a legal right to be maintained by the other spouse, and in relation to an actual widow, wherever it appears, husband shall include wife.

Additional Bonus also known as the special weekly bonus (SPBO)      

A bonus payable in addition to pensions and social assistances which is calculated on the basis of the March and September bonuses payable to employed persons. Beneficiaries are entitled to two thirds of these same bonuses and are included in each pension payment, every four weeks instead of in March and September.


An administrator registered with the Department of Social Security is authorised to act on behalf of the Applicant or Beneficiary when visiting a centre.


An agent registered with the Department of Social Security is authorised with the consent of the Applicant or Beneficiary to act their behalf when visiting a centre.