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Retirement Pension – Tentative Assessment


A person may request a Contributory Pension Tentative Assessment to find out what the pension income is on retirement.

What you’ll get

A tentative assessment will present the applicant with:

  • A clear picture of what the social security pension would be
  • An opportunity to pay missing contributions in case of gaps in Social Security Contributions along the years
  • Different pension rates at different pension ages
  • Whether one would be eligible for a pension and more


General eligibility criteria:

  • An applicant prior to reaching the pension age (from 57 years onwards)
  • An applicant who was employed and paid social security contributions prior to pension age

Documentation Required

General documentation:

  • No particular documentation is requested as the tentative is calculated on the information currently pertained by the department
  • If the claimant was employed outside Malta, proof of contributions paid abroad would be required

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.