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Declaration regarding Care and Custody (de facto) of Minor Child/Children


A single or separated parent who has the sole care and custody of a minor child/children under the age of eighteen (18) years and who qualifies for an Assistance; Allowance or Non-Contributory Pension, is to complete a declaration form to confirm which parent has the sole care and custody (de facto) of any minor, in case a separation contract is not available. The custodian (de facto) should declare if s/he is in receipt of any maintenance for the minor child/children.

What you’ll get

Entitlement to an Assistance, Allowance or Non-contributory pension will be paid to the parent entrusted the care and custody of the child/children.


A single parent (single or separated) with a child/children living within the same household.

Documentation required

General documentation:

  • Click here to download the mandatory Declaration for Care and Custody signed by both parents, as requested in the application.
  • Copies of Identity Cards of both parents (back and front) to confirm signatures not signed at one of the centres of

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.