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Once-only Grant – Government Departments


In order to implement one of the measures identified in Budget 2023, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance and Employment and the Minister for Social Policy and Children’s Rights have developed the following Scheme that aims to provide a once-only grant for persons who on officially joining the public service after 16th January, 1979, had worked in Government departments before 1979, but not as Public Officers.

This application is also  addressed for those persons that where in apprenticeship and terminated the course successfully and then posted in a Government Department.


“qualifying period” means the uninterrupted period during which applicant served in the public service not as a public officer in any time starting before 16th January 1979 and ending immediately on the first official appointment as public officer after 16th January 1979.

“effective period” means the period between the date when applicant officially joined the public service and his/her date of retirement from same public service.

What you’ll get

This scheme applies to the period of time a person served in the public service during the qualifying period until the termination from the employment with the Government.

Therefore, this grant is awarded according to the number of years a person served in the public service as a public officer after 16th January 1979.

The grant will be paid only to the eligible applicant who qualify and comply with the provisions of this Scheme.

The payment of the grant shall be paid to the applicant by:

  • Cheque sent by post to the address shown on the application form, or
  • Be deposited directly into the bank account were the pension of the same applicant is deposited.

No interests are due to the applicant on the amount of this grant. The condition of this Scheme for those accepting the grant, is that the applicant shall be renouncing to any other claim related to this Scheme and withdraw any case instituted against Government, Authority or Government entity.

The Scheme may be spread over a number of years with separate calls for application that are issued from time to time. Each call for application shall be subject to a separate verification process.


General eligibility criteria:

  • This Scheme applies to applicants served in the public service during the effective period, immediately after the end of the qualifying period. The applicant shall only be entitled to a once-only grant in respect of the service rendered during the effective period.
  • The Scheme applies to individuals who reside in Malta, who served in Government departments during the qualifying period and on termination served in the public service during the effective period.
  • The Scheme also applies to the heirs of such individuals if they satisfy the conditions of this Scheme and if they are deceased when the application for the grant under the Scheme is submitted.
  • The Scheme does not apply to individuals who are in receipt of, or have a right to receive, a pension under the Pensions Ordinance (Cap. 93.), the Police Act (Cap. 164.) or the Malta Armed Forces Act (Cap. 220.).

How to apply

Persons who applied according to the schemes published in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and received a payment since they were eligible for such payment, do not need to re-apply under this year’s scheme.

In the case for an eligible deceased applicant or authorized heir, that had received payment/s under Scheme published in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, a new application has to be submitted by the authorised heir.

New applicants who are entitled under the qualifying period, including the heirs where applicable, may apply for the grant in respect of the service provided during the effective period.

Applications for this Scheme are to be inserted in the application form under the Schedule and shall contain the information and details as required in the said form and under this same Scheme.

In a scenario where an application for this Scheme is made on behalf of a deceased person, these are required to be presented by the heirs. If there is more than one heir, one application has to be presented by the authorised heir. Along with the application, a notary statement should be appended declaring the heirs of the deceased and the authorised one.  The statement should clearly indicate that the deceased person was eligible to apply for this scheme. The Department of Social Security reserves the right to request further documents in addition to the above mentioned statement.

Applications should be accompanied by any documents and other information that might be requested by the Ministry for Finance and Employment or the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights.

In the case of those applying as successful  apprentices, with the application they have to provide the journeyman certificate endorsed by the former Ministers of Works and Education showing that the apprenticeship course was completed successfully. Should this certificate not be available, the applicant must then provide the GP47.

Applications under this Scheme, including all related documents, shall be submitted by not later than 31st July 2023. To download this application please click here.

This application together with all the relevant documents are to be sent by post to the Department of Social Security, 38, Ordnance Street, Valletta, VLT 1021; or by visiting the url or by visiting one of the hubs.