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Medical Board Appointment – Request to Reschedule, Cancel or a Home Visit


The Social Security Act (Cap. 318.) establishes amongst others provisions, that a person may be entitled to receive a benefit, pension, assistance or allowance (hereinafter referred to as benefit) under this Act,  following the advice of the Department’s medical panel and multi-disciplinary panel, where applicable, in accordance with the proviso to article 106.

As a result, there are times when a person who has been scheduled to attend a medical board related to a benefit must postpone or cancel the appointment, or request a home visit. If the person fails to appear at the medical board without a justified reason, any pending benefits awaiting assessment and authorisation by the Department of Social Security may be terminated. This may also result in a benefit overpayment, which would then needs to be refunded by the beneficiary.

A medical certificate is required to support a request to reschedule an appointment on account of illness.

Applications for the benefits listed below are referred to Department’s medical panel and multi-disciplinary panel for evaluation:

  • Severe Disability Assistance.
  • Social Assistance.
  • Disabled Child Allowance.
  • Sickness Assistance.
  • Milk Grant.
  • Reciprocal Agreement for Disability benefit related to those living outside Malta.
  • Sickness Benefit which is related to the Blue Medical Certificate.
  • Injury Benefit, whether related to an injury at the workplace or disease / medical condition inflicted by the workplace.

What you’ll get

  • Facility to reschedule or cancel a medical board appointment.
  • Only in cases of being house-bound, a person may request a home visit instead of attending personally to the medical board appointment. A medical certificate indicating the health reason for why a home visit is being requested. In such cases, an official from the Department of Social Security and two (2) medical doctors will be in attendance. The person will be informed beforehand of the date for the home visit.


General eligibility criteria:

  • A person whose attendance for a Medical Board meeting has been scheduled by the Department of Social Security.

How to reschedule, cancel or request a home visit for a medical board appointment

A person can reschedule, cancel or request a home visit for appointment by using one of the methods listed below, where you are guided or contacted  on how to reschedule another appointment by:

Making an online request click here
Phone Freephone 153
Attending personally at one of the hubs
To reschedule or cancel a Medical Board Appointment happening on the same day only

call on 25903233