Blue Medical Certificate Monitoring


This service shows blue medical certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security for the previous  5 years. The certificates are listed according to year and presented chronologically. The blue medical certificates are submitted by employees and for long term sickness these are presented every 14 days.

A person is not required to submit a blue medical certificate to the Department of Social Security if the period of illness is 3 days or less. Hence, a certificate of 3 days or less will not be listed in this service.

What you’ll get

Once authenticated, the beneficiary will access a list of his / her blue medical certificates. Whilst blue medical certificates themselves are no indication of Sickness Benefit claims, however they provide information on the certificates submitted to the Department of Social Security. To check the details of current and active Sickness Benefit claims, access the ‘Online Services’ option, then select ‘Medical Certificate Monitoring’. Only those blue medical certificates of the past 5 years which have been vetted by the backoffice section are visible from this service. Once the claim is processed by the backoffice section, you will also be able to view it under the ‘Application Monitoring’ service, which shows only claims for the past 12 months.


General eligibility criteria:

  • An e-ID account issued by Identity Malta.

How to access the service

The user must authenticate to access the Blue Medical Certificate Monitoring and Application Monitoring services.