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Tapering of Benefits

(Head of Household whose Spouse/Partner Started Employment)


Social Assistance beneficiaries can opt for the Tapering of Benefit scheme in the eventuality of the spouse participating in a gainful occupation, earns at least the National Minimum Wage or more and if the beneficiary has been in receipt of Social Assistance for at least 1 year in the last 3 years.

What you’ll get

The awarded Tapering of Benefits rate is a percentage of the last Social Benefit rate awarded excluding bonuses:

  • 65% of the benefit rate for the first year
  • 45% of the benefit rate for the second year
  • 25% of the benefit rate for the third year

Beneficiaries are paid in arrears every 4 weeks.

You may make use of an online Calculator to calculate your potential entitlement of the Tapering of Benefits.


General eligibility criteria:

Applicants who are in receipt of Unemployment Assistance or Social Assistance for 1 year
in the last 3 years and the spouse is gainfully occupied earning the weekly National Minimum Wage or more.

Documentation required

  • Head of Household and Employer’s Declaration on Spouse / Partner. Click here to download this document

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.