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Maternity / Adoption Leave Trust Claim


Maternity / Adoption Leave Trust Claim

Employer Details

Contact Details


Bank Account Details

This number will replace any IBAN the employer may have previously registered with the Department.

Claim Details

The employee on whom the claim is being made.

Amount Claimed

List the salary amounts for which you are making this claim, the period cannot exceed fourteen (14) weeks.

*Weekly Salary - Gross basic amount, pro-rata statutory bonuses and allowances plus the employer’s portion of employee’s Social Security Contributions. Not to include any other emoluments.
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Documents Required

Maximum file size: 1MB

Maximum file size: 2MB

Maximum file size: 1MB

Maximum file size: 1MB


I declare that all information given is to my knowledge true, complete and correct. I understand that if the information given is false, I will be penalised as stipulated in the Criminal Code (Cap. 9.) and can also lose the right for benefit, or part of it, as stipulated by the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.).

I understand that as stipulated in Article 133 of the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.), the Director General (Social Security) may make necessary investigations and may ask persons and/or entities to provide information so that the benefit will be calculated and determined.

I bind myself to inform immediately of any change in circumstance to the Director General (Social Security). If the Director General (Social Security) is not informed of such change in circumstance, entitlement for the benefit or part of may be forfeited.

I understand that if for some reason or another, it is found that I was not entitled for this benefit, I will have to refund all payments received.

Reimbursements are granted on the assumption that the applicant is the rightful beneficiary and that the amount claimed is correct and due. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to institute any and all legal proceedings available to it.

Data Protection Declaration The Department of Social Security collects all relevant personal information to provide its services to individuals who qualify for assistance, allowance or non-contributory pensions in accordance with the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.). The Department may verify the information submitted by you in line with article 133 (b) of the Social Security Act to ensure its accuracy in relation to the claim. Personal data may be disclosed to departments / third parties, who may also have access to your data as authorised by law. Personal information may also be exchanged with benefits institutions of other countries to combat and deter fraud, as provided for in international treaties or bilateral agreements to which Malta is a party. You will be informed in due course of the result of your claim after it has been assessed.

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (Cap. 586.), we have a legal duty to respect and protect any personal information we collect from you and we will abide by such duty. We take all safeguards necessary to prevent unauthorised access and we do not pass on your details collected from you as a visitor and/or user, to any third party unless you give us your consent to do so or as authorised by law. You may request in writing to access information held about you, and eventually to rectify, and where applicable to erase incorrect information. Such a request is to be addressed to “The Data Controller”, Department of Social Security, 38, Ordnance Street, Valletta VLT 1021 or by email to and appropriate action would be taken at the earliest possible time. In making such a request, kindly quote your identity card number, social security number, your name and address and other relevant documentation to identify your case.